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The C508 is a versatile diagnostic scanner and tester designed for models such as FIAT / ALFA ROMEO / ABARTH / LANCIA. It will enable you to read and clear diagnostic diagnoses of your vehicle's main systems such as ORC airbags / belts, ABS anti-lock brakes, engine and transmission modules. Compared with the more expensive packages in the market, we think this package is very cost-effective. The C508 is an easy to use, standalone unit that will get you scanning your vehicle in minutes. Simply plug it into the OBD II port and the device will be booted in accordance with the step-by-step instructions. The scanner has a large, easy-to-read 2.8-inch color display and has a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for additional software. As an added bonus, the scanner comes with a full OBDII function. This allows you to scan engine readings and associated trouble codes (check engine indicator) on any model / model.


Functions Include: Read Trouble Codes, Clear Trouble Codes,Ecu Information, Live data and graph display


The year between  2000 to 2016


Supports  models:

FQ-Fiorino Qubo


PE-Punto EVO












BF-Fiat 500L






System coverage:

PCM -- Powertrain Control Module

ECM -- Engine Control Module

TCM -- Transmission Control Module

XCM -- Transfer Case Module

SLA -- Shift Lever Sensor Assembly

ESM -- Electronic Shifter

FDCM -- Final Drive Control/All Wheel Drive

ACC -- Adaptive Cruise Control

CGW -- Central Gateway

ORC -- AirBag/Occupant Restraint

MIC/CCN -- Mechanical Instrument Cluster

HVAC -- Heat, Ventilation and A/C


PLGM -- Power Liftgate Module

APM -- Adjustable Pedal Module

ATC -- Automatic Temp Control

MTC -- Manual Temp Control

CHM -- Cabin Heater Module

BCH -- Booster Cabin Heater Module (ZHZ)

ACH -- Auxiliary Cabin Heater (STH)

MSM -- Memory Seat/Memory Heated Seat

OCM -- Occupant Classification

SCM -- Steering Column

RSA -- Right Side Airbag

LSA -- Left Side Airbag

BCM -- Body Controller

ASBS -- Automatic Sway Bar System

FSM -- Fold Stow Module

WCM/TPMS -- Wireless Control

PSM -- Universal/Special ECU

TM -- Trailer

SUNR -- Sunroof

PTIM -- Police/Taxi Interface Module

HIDT -- High Intensity Discharge Translator

AHLM -- Headlamp Leveling

AHBM -- Automatic High Beam

RCM -- Roof Control Module

AEHM -- Auxiliary Electrical Heating Module

PTS -- Parktronics

EOM -- Electronic Overhead

ITM -- Intrusion Transceiver Module

PTCM -- Power Top Control Module

IPM -- Integrated Power Module

SRM -- Airbag On/Off Switch

TRV -- Traveller


VTS -- Vehicle Theft Security

CMT/VIC -- Overhead Console

PAM -- Park Assist Module

RSM -- Rain Sensor Module

TPM -- Tire Pressure Monitor

SAS -- Steering Angle Sensor

ABS -- Anti Lock Brakes

ESP -- Electronic Stability Program

SBM -- Center Console / Switch Bank Module

AUD -- Audio Systems(Radio,CD,DVD,Nav)

CDC -- CD Changer

DVD -- DVD Changer

RADIO -- Radio

SDARV -- Satellite Video Receiver

SDAR -- Satellite Radio

DAA -- Digital Audio Amplifier

AMP -- Amplifier

SAR -- Satellite Audio Receiver

NAV -- Navigation System

HFM -- Hands Free Module

VES -- Vehicle Entertainment System

VES2 -- Second Row Screen

VES3 -- Last Row Screen

DISP -- Front Display

DMFR -- Door Module Front Right

DMFL -- Door Module Front Left

DMRL -- Rear Door Module (Left)

DMRR -- Rear Door Module (Right)

PSDMR -- Power Sliding Doors (Right)

PSDML -- Power Sliding Doors (Left)

DDM -- Driver Door Module

PDM -- Passenger Door Module

MUX -- Door Mux

IC -- Instrument Cluster


HSM -- Heated Seat Module

ECM -- Engine Control Module

BPCM -- Battery Pack Control Module

BSM -- Blind Spot Module

DTCM -- Drive Train Control Module

EAC -- Electric A/C Compressor

EBG -- Electronic Booster Gauge

EPS -- Electric Power Steering

HCP -- Hybrid Control Processor

HGM -- Hybrid Gateway Module

ITBM -- Integrated Trailer Brake Module

MCPA -- Motor Control Processor A

MCPB -- Motor Control Processor B

PEM -- Passive Entry Module

ADCM -- Active Damping Control Module

AFLS -- Adaptive Front Lighting System

ASCM -- Air Suspension Control Module

BTM -- Battery Thermal Module

DCU -- Dosing Control Unit

DRM -- Data Recorder Module

ELSD -- Electronic Limited Slip Differential

EPPM -- Electronic Pedestrian Protection Module

ICS -- Integrated Center Stack

IPC -- Instrument Panel Cluster

OBCM -- On Board Charging Module

PHGM -- Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module

RFH -- Radio Frequency Hub

SCCM -- Steering Column Control Module

TGW -- Telematic Gateway Radio

VSIM -- Vehicle System Interface Module

AHM -- Additional Heater Module

CSWM -- Comfort Seat Wheel Module

CTM -- Convergence Telematic Module

EPB -- Electrical Parking Brake

ESL -- Electronic Steering Lock

ETM -- Entertainment Telematic Module

FFCM -- Forward Facing Camera Module

HVACR -- Heat, Ventilation and A/C Rear

LBSS -- Left Blind Spot Sensor

PTU -- Power Transfer Unit

RBSS -- Right Blind Spot Sensor

RDM -- Rear Drive Module

VGT -- Variable Geometry Turbo

VTM -- Vehicle Tracking Module

EDM -- External Disc Module

CMM -- Instrument Panel Cluster

DSTM -- On Board Charging Module

MSMD -- Plug In Hybrid Gateway Module

PSTM -- Radio Frequency Hub

RMN -- Steering Column Control Module

TBM -- Telematic Gateway Radio

TRM -- Vehicle System Interface Module

AAML -- Active Aerodynamic Module Left

AAMR -- Active Aerodynamic Module Right

CDCM -- Chassis Domain Control Module

CSWM -- Comfort Seat Wheel Module

DMM -- Door Management Module

ECM2 -- Engine Control Module 2

EMCM -- Entertainment Multimedia Control Module

FFCM -- Forward Facing Camera Module

HALF -- Haptical Lane Feedback

RRM -- Radio Receiver Module

TMM -- Track Mapping Module

TTM -- Trailer tow module

TVM -- Torque Vectoring Module                   


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